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Show Etiquette

Knife Shows are a lot of fun. Nearly everyone is here because they’re enjoying some aspect of what we might call the Cutlery Connection: making, collecting, forging, grinding, sheathing, selling, buying, identifying, cutting, researching, discovering, learning, …, the list of activities goes on. Maybe you’re new to the event, however, and may not be aware of a few things that will add to your enjoyment and let other attendees and exhibitors know that you respect their rights too.

  1. DO NOT handle knives without permission. Most dealers will let you handle a knife if you’re interested, but please do them the courtesy of asking first. If they say No, there’s probably a very good reason.
  2. DO NOT touch the blade of any knife that is displayed or offered as a collector’s item, as this may mark the finish or promote corrosion.
  3. As strange as it seems, it’s important to spell out a common-sense rule: This is a Knife Show. By their very nature, knives are sharp, often a lot sharper than you think. DO NOT run your finger down the length of the edge, or draw the knife along some part of your body, and then be surprised if you start bleeding. At a recent New York knife show, an uninformed visitor tested the edge of one blade on display and required 17 stitches as a result. Folks, that’s just plain dumb. Besides, if your blood gets on the carpet, it will make a mess. Even worse, it may discolor the knife.
  4. After you’ve looked over and handled a knife, DO NOT wipe its blade unless you are asked to do so. Just hand the knife back and allow the Exhibitor to wipe it down. 
  5. DO NOT open more than one blade of a folding knife at a time.
  6. DO NOT block a table if you are only window shopping.
  7. If you brought along knives to trade or sell, DO obtain permission from the Exhibitor before displaying them at, or in front of, his or her table.
  8. DO NOT interrupt or comment on any transaction.

Be safe … not sorry!