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As the student grows

I’ve been thinking a lot about seeing one of my knives show up in an article on earlier today. This article struck a deep chord with me and it took a little while to puzzle out why this article in particular should have such a profound effect on me. The article itself is a sentiment I share and admire; it is about finding the beauty in things regardless of function, in this case “tactical”. I agree with the author, just because something is useful doesn’t mean it can’t be well made and beautiful.
The author chose to show my knife next to another beautiful award winning blade made by Mace Vitale (@MaceVitale). I doubt the author knew this but Mace was my first bladesmithing instructor and has taught and inspired me for years. He has been a mentor to me from the beginning and has become a dear friend over the years. To have one of my knives shown together with his as “perfect examples of absolute beauties” is an honor I did not foresee and barely feel I deserve. This may sound like I am bragging and a bit proud of myself (well maybe I am a little at that) but it’s more a nod to Mace and the legacy of his teaching. Thank you Mace,