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About Us

The Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association, Inc. is a 40+ year old Association serving old, factory & custom cutlery collectors as well as Custom knife makers. We collect pocket knives, hunting knives, antique bowie knives, military knives, antique swords and more! Our association is based in New England, but our membership extends worldwide.

As with all collecting clubs, we started out small, very small- Believe originally we were 12 members strong in 1982. We had our swap meets in member’s basements, cold barns, and usually in the summer… it was a backyard affair. As with any interesting and versatile hobby, membership grew, and it grew, to include not only antique pocket knife collectors and Bowie and hunting knives but also collectors of current factory made pocket knives, we were joined by many custom knife makers. So now the club boasts membership of about 450, with over half have life memberships. All of us who work doing either the website content, newsletter printing and mailing and administration are volunteers, and we do it for the love of the hobby.

Today, we have “knife shows” instead of swap meets, and instead of cold barns, we have them in hotel ball rooms, please take a look at our show schedule of Knife Shows. People come to see what is up for display or sale by our members, and to talk collecting and hopefully find the elusive item they’ve been wanting to fill in that special spot in their collection. At our shows you can find all types of cutlery related collectibles. You have to take your time and circle the room a few times to take it all in.

Membership in the Northeast Cutlery Collectors Assn. is open to everyone, click here for more details. Annual members can attend all shows free of charge, and Life members have the additional benefit of being allowed access to shows during set up hours. All will receive the Newsletter, three times a year (January, April, and October), Web Site that is updated monthly), reminders for upcoming shows, and the ability to set up at all club shows. The NCCA is a not for profit organization run for the benefit of the members.

We are always happy to meet new collectors, makers and purveyors or as it may be those who just never thought to join our club. We hope to see you at one of our shows, as a member, or just as a visitor.


Get the latest updates on club news and the knife collecting community. Free to all members, this quarterly treat is hand crafted by our very own Arthur Green and can be received in paper or email form. You can read the archives online as well.


Personal insights and stories from our members. See what’s been rattling around the minds of the people on the inside. Become a member and share your thoughts as well.


Come check out some photos of knives and family fun from our recent knife shows.