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The NCCA Sponsors FIVE 1-day shows and (1) Annual 2-day show each calendar year.
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The Northeast Cutlery Collectors Association sponsors FIVE 1-day shows and ONE Annual 2-day show each calendar year.




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The NCCA Sponsors THREE 1-day shows and ONE Annual 2-day show each calendar year.

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NCCA Marlboro Knife Show, March, 2008

Maine was well represented at the Marlboro Show with custom maker Dan Gray making an appearance as well.
Custom maker Al Longworth stretches his legs awaiting the rush of Knife Fans when the door opens in Marlboro at 9 a.m.
Richard Sextone from Putney VT was on hand in Marlboro with a nice array of small custom folders.
The Clifford table was in good hands while Larry was away scouting bargains during set up at Marlboro.
Custom maker Steven & Kim Skiff pose for a photo before the crowds descend on their table to scoop up Steven's custom creations.
Long time Life Member Burt Jernstrom enjoy a break at Marlboro.

Another famous Maine Custom maker Lamont Coombs Jr. and Vicky 'ham it up' at Marlboro.
Randy Berard & James Moscatelli both from Woonsocket R.I. share a moment before continuing the search for Randall Knives, James' hat was a dead giveaway.
Left, Kelly Carlson custom maker speaking with a 'current and future' knife fan.
Board Member Chris Kravett of Treestump Leather trying to take a break as the crowds keep coming through the door on Sunday March 30th at Marlboro.
'Guard Bird' keeping an eye on things...
George Haggerty brought some neat stuff with him from the hills of Vermont.
Knives, Knives and more Knives at the busy Marlboro Show.
Left, Evan F. Nappen from Eatontown N.J. NCCA Life Member chats with Flavio Pellegrino of Saugus MA.
NCCA Life Member Daniel Freedman from Ashland MA proudly displays his Red Sox hat along withsome gorgeous folder at the Marlboro Show.
'So much to look at, so little time' but these folks dutifully check every table for bargains at Marlboro.
Steven Berg & Karen had some great custom knives for sale on Sunday, March 30th at Marlboro.
Manning the Necka table at Marlboro...
Levt, Norm Bardsley with Jeff Saucier pose with a Bardsley survival knife.
Chris Kravett of Treestump Leather looks over Stebbins' display at the March Marlboro Show.
Three Knife visitors discuss the intricate differences of Gilette vs. Schick razor blades.
Ricky and Ricky Jr. ham it up for the camera at the March Marlboro Show.
Custom knife maker Tom McLuin answers questions while his wife attempts to hide from the camera.
Scott Tanguay from Maine readies his items as the rest of the family chats with 'Cujo' their family mascot..


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