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     The NCCA News Letter

June Report

What's News with the NCCA

Presidents Report - ARTHUR GREEN

Annual Board Meeting and Election

Our annual board meeting and election was conducted on May 4 th and 5 th at our Annual Show in Mystic Ct., as per our by-laws. I was elected President, Omer Legare – Treasurer, Bill Cain – Clerk and Linda Cain, Linda Green, and Omer Legare were added to the existing board, Our thanks to past President Mark Levine and Treasurer Caroline Levine for all of their efforts.

The board voted to continue having the Annual Show at the Mystic location through 2009. This decision was greatly effected by the fact that we couldn’t find a location that was any better for the price, on hall and room rate, with most being considerably more with no long term commitment available.

The board was in agreement of the importance of the web site as the best medium for the dissemination of club news and information. I have agreed to take over the updating of the web site and am considering taking over the News Letter as well unless I can get a volunteer?

Lengthy discussions were conducted on possible future changes and direction of the NCCA. All of us had ideas as to what direction the club should take in the future so as to meet the challenges facing the club as well as all clubs and shows. I have heard a great deal of concern from members, for some time and would ask all of you to get back to me with your ideas about the future needs and direction of the NCCA,, so I can bring them to the board at our next show in Marlboro MA On the 29 th of July.

Annual Show in Mystic

I believe that the Annual show in Mystic was basically successful, with most people stating that they had a good time. The general public attendance was down considerably, with 118 paid non-members on Saturday and 27 on Sunday, even though I had sent over 400 post cards to non-members and Caroline had placed a display ad in the local paper. The display ad had a $1.00 off coupon and only 4 were redeemed. The table rental was also down and as well as several last minute cancellations, we all need to work on this.

The most positive aspects of the show were the raffles and auction. The general raffle brought in $1450.00 for the two days plus what was sent in to Caroline prior to the show. The Saturday Night Auction netted $818.00 for the club with everyone seeming to enjoy the event. Special thanks to Paul Dewey for his service as auctioneer and to all who donated items, bought raffle tickets and made purchases. These two events brought in enough to pay for the hall rental and security for the show. Many members also paid their dues. Thanks again to Caroline and Marc for their efforts in putting the show together and Estelle Legare and Elaine Bardsley for staffing the admission table.

The Rene Roy Memorial Raffle was also a fitting tribute to a man who will be missed, but our memories of him will be cherished. This raffle took in $1220.00 for the benefit of Rene’s family. Thanks Moe Legare, Norm Bardsley and Jim Siska for their work in making this so successful.

As has been the long standing tradition we had great member displays, both antique and custom. Paul Jarvis won the honors in Best Custom Knife and I won Best Antique Display. All of the displays were well worth looking at and our thanks to all who took the time to share their work and collections.

Miscellaneous Items

In the process of sending out a mass e-mail to our membership, I encountered many invalid or obsolete e-mail addresses. I would encourage all members, who have not received an e-mail from me recently, to supply your current address to Moe Legare Treasurer/Data Base Manager, This will help everyone to be more aware of club activities.

On the “ CONTACT US “ link on the web site I have added Links to specific club members web sites and related organizations. I know that I have missed many, so if you would like yours included please provide me with the proper information and I will have it included in a future update to the NCCA site. I would encourage all members to include the club link, in your web site and use it in all of your correspondences.

I have updated the NCCA Calendar to include all of our 2008 Show dates, please take note, mark your calendars, pass it along to other interested collectors and plan on attending, either as an exhibitor or attendee. SUPPORT YOUR CLUB.

We have also added many new pictures to our past show, gallery from the annual Mystic show and the March Marlboro Show, please take note and thanks to Moe Legare for taking and providing them.

2007 Mystic, CT Show photos
March 2007 Marlboro Show

On the membership page, I have updated the Membership Form to reflect the change in the Treasurer position, Omer Legare Don’t forget to include your current e-mail address information! This would be a good time to upgrade your membership to Life @ $150.00, the same price it was over 10 years ago, and never have to worry if you had paid your yearly dues or not .

I’ll call it quits for now and save additional topics for future updates and a Newsletter. Don’t forget our next show in Marlboro on the 29 th of July and to send me your thoughts and suggestions on the club.      ... Art



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