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     The NCCA News Letter

August 2007 Report

Presidents Report - ARTHUR GREEN


Our July 29 th Show at Marlboro, MA was a busy one, all 63 tables were sold and a few members were turned away due to the show being sold out, If you want a table in the future please let Bill know well in advance so arrangements can be made to rent additional tables! The crowd was good with 109 non-members paying to get in addition to many members. The Raffle had almost 40 items donated by Members and exhibitors, which brought in $193.00 for the club, Thanks to all. The Club made $931.25 on the show. Another GREAT SHOW put on by the CAIN’S, don’t forget to thank them for all of their efforts.

Make sure you check out the photo’s that Moe took of the show.

July 2007 Marlboro Show Photos

A Board Meeting was held after the show from 3 PM till around 5 PM. The meeting was a bit long but there was a great deal of club business to go over. The Clerks Report was given by Bill Cain and the Treasures report by Moe Legare. The current club Financial Balance was $15,484.73 as of July 24 2007 plus the Marlboro Show profit of $931.25 for a total of $16,415.98

Two new Board Members were elected, Long standing member Chris Kravitt of Tree Stump Leather Fame and Larry Clifford of Rhode Island. (See additional information on the “ Contact Us “ page .

I reported to the Board that I would take care of the updates to the WEB SITE as well as doing the NEWS LETTER. The web site will be updated, as soon as possible after each show and the News Letter will be done quarterly in January, April, July and October.

I went over the results of the Member Survey that I had conducted with additions received at the show, as a result of the questioner handed out by Moe. The greatest concern from the Membership was in relation to the Overall Management of the Club, followed up by Web Site Maintenance, Advertising Concerns, Annual Show Location, News Letter, Annual Show Dates, Club Finances and utilization of Web Forums. These areas were discussed at length and the board is working on these issues with several changes already made and others in the planning process.

The Annual Show was discussed and as previously mentioned we are committed to the Mystic location through 2008, Caroline stepped down as chairman of the event after several years of service in this capacity, our Heartfelt Thanks to her for all of her efforts over the years when no one else would take on the responsibility. Moe Legare and Norm Bardsley will be heading up the event with Moe in charge of Reservations ----------- . The Annual raffle is progressing nicely with committed donations from; Jim Siska, Norm Bardsley, Howard Hitchmough, Kelly Carlson an Art Green at present. We are expecting many more donations; please contact Moe if you would like to donate a Custom Knife and don’t forget to get them to Moe as soon as possible so we can get pictures taken for inclusion in the News Letter and upcoming Advertising. The board also voted to increase the Table rate, from $85.00 to $95.00 (paid reservations received before December 31, 2007 will be at the old rate and those after January 1, 2008 will be at the $95.00 rate) Also a reminder to all Makers, Purveyors, and Displayers to commit early, preferably before the first of the year so we can include your names in Knife World and Blade advertising for the Annual Show.

Data Base Updates

As mentioned previously, we are still in the process of updating the database, many newsletters were returned because of invalid addresses in addition to numerous invalid E-mail addresses that I identified previously. PLEASE let us know if you didn’t receive a News Letter in July or if there were any problems or changes in your addresses.

Saratoga Springs, New York Show

Our next show will be in conjunction with the New East Coast Arms Collectors Association, on the 13 th and 14 th of October. As stated previously this is a well attended long standing Gun show in a great area with lots to do and great places to eat. So far members; Jim Siska, Larry Golczewski, Dave Lewis, Richard Faust and Art Green have made the commitment to attend with numerous other members stating that they are planning to do so. Don’t forget to book your room early, this is a busy weekend in Saratoga.

If any one needs additional information or has concerns please contact me @ or other board members as listed on the “Contact Us” page. Till October, Art.


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